Book 10: TapRooT® Stopping Human Error

$99.95 USD

Managers often think that if people would just try harder, concentrate, think before they act, and be more careful, then accidents wouldn't happen. If you think that's the answer - give it a try! Trying harder isn't a bad idea but it's not a sustainable strategy to improve human performance.

What can you do? Try the proven human performance best practices in this book. They are based on human factors research and have been proven in the field. You might ask, "Can I stop all human errors?" The answer is no. But you can stop important errors, make other errors less likely and easy to catch and add defense in depth to stop major accidents.

Finally, at the end of this book, you will have the knowledge you need to develop a custom program to improve human performance at your facility and stop many important human errors. What can this save your company? Billions. It can prevent fatalities, stop quality issues, improve equipment reliability, and reduce the chance of regulatory fines. That means this book is well worth your time to read.